Upcoming Events

The image is an advertisement for a meetup event titled "The Hackers Meetup" with the subtitle "Let's Talk About Hacking". It indicates the Nagpur Chapter and includes a website link for more information. The event is focused on "Network Security & Car Hacking" and is scheduled for Sunday, 8th July 2023, from 5:00 to 7:00 PM. The venue is listed as Ofis India, Nagpur 22. There are photos and names of two speakers: Mr. Amol Rangari, who will discuss Network Security, and Mr. Vicky Patmase, whose topic is Car Hacking. The bottom of the image features the logo for Ofis India and mentions it as a premium co-working and cultural space for professional needs, alongside contact information and social media handles.

THM - The Hackers Meet - July Meet

Saturday, 8th July, 5 PM

The image is a promotional graphic for an event hosted by "Nagpur Techies" with the theme "Make Your Sundays Productive With Nagpur Techies Community Sessions". It is scheduled for Sunday, 9th July 2023, at 11:00 AM. The venue is mentioned as OFIS India, Nagpur 22. Two speakers are featured: Mr. Tushar Joshi, who will discuss "Getting Started With Astro - Web Framework". Mr. Anmoldeep Singh, who will cover "How To Use Whatsapp-web.js for WA Automation". The bottom section of the image includes the Ofis India logo with a tagline describing it as a premium co-working and cultural space for professional needs, along with contact information including a phone number and a website

Nagpur Techies - July Meet

Sunday, 9nd July, 11 AM

Past Events

The image is for a "Generative AI Meetup". It features a dark blue background with a digital, connected-dot design theme. The event title is at the top with a tagline "SPEAKERS" just below it. Two speakers are highlighted: Mr. Ramakrishnan R, with a title "Co-Founder" and associated with "aXYKno Capital Services Pvt Ltd." Mr. Kalpit Bhawalkar, labeled as "Practice Head AI" at "Konverge.AI". The event is organized by "Nagpur Startups". Details of the event include: Date and Time: Sunday, 02nd July '23 at 11 am Venue: OFIS India, London Street, Nagpur 22 There are also logos for Ofis India with a description as "A Premium Co-Working & Cultural Space For All Your Professional Needs"

GenerativeAI - July Meet

Sunday, 2nd July, 11 AM

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